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Bringing the Glam to Tech

How Boss Babe Giulia Dugo of Palm Trees and Pellegrino is killing it, all while looking fab 


We had a chance to sit down with the glamorous Giulia Dugo of to find out what it's really like to walk a day in her shoes. Dugo's blog highlights her dual careers as both style blogger, and tech guru.

-What's life like in the world of a boss babe out there conquering both tech and style blogging? 

A lot of the time I feel very Clark Kent by day, Superman by night, just because tech and style blogging are so incredibly different from each other. In tech, people almost pride themselves in the fashion of "comfort" whereas style blogging focuses on what the latest trends are, and most of the time isn't that comfortable! 

I love both industries in their own way, but one of my main goals since entering the tech world has been to merge my two personas and bring a little glamour to my everyday job. I think part of being a boss babe is carving your own path, no matter what industry you're in, and through my blog I try to show other women that they can be successful AND glamorous!

-What inspired you to start your blog, Palm Trees and Pellegrino?

When I first started the blog in college, my blog was my little escape from the stress of school. It was kind of this love child between all of my favorite things – writing, photography, travel, and style. I think it's so important to have an outlet where you can explore your passions. The title, Palm Trees and Pellegrino came from my Southern California roots because they're two things that I always grew up around. 

-Who has the biggest influence on your style?

It's not so much a "who" but a "what" that has the biggest influence on my style, and that what is "traveling." Every time I visit a new city or a new country, by the time I've left, my style has evolved again. I remember a few years ago I was in Hong Kong and that was when the sneaker heel trend was starting. Stores in the US weren't even really selling them! By the end of my trip, I had purchased a pair since they were big in Asia, and somehow my look evolved into something more "atheleisure-y" than usual. I think it's so cool to get out of my bubble and see what is trending all over the world. Depending on the day, my clothes can give off vibes from Spain or Italy (my two big fashion influences). 

-What's something your readers might not know about you?

Something that I don't think has ever come up is that I speak four languages – English, French, Italian, and Spanish. I'm going to start working on my fifth soon – Portuguese. Connecting with people from different cultures is so important to me, and I love developing that connection through common language. 

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