Pin-up Ready in 6 Steps

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Pin-up Ready in 6 Steps

So how does one go about getting that pin-up girl look? We have six steps to help get you there:

1. The hair, it’s all about the curls! Set hair in rollers for bouncy tight curls and comb out with fingers or a paddle brush. Pin curling is another great option and what was used in the 1930’s. Check out this great pin curl tutorial from Vixen Vintage.

Vintage Vixen's pinup curls (photo from Vintage Vixen)
2. A dewy glow is how your makeup should look. A fresh, clean face with tinted moisturizer works well for this look. Then add a soft pink blush and a nice dark mascara or false lashes.

3. Bold lip. Opt for a bold lip that can be seen. It was all the rage back in the day. Popular colors consisted of cherry red, blood red, fire engine red deep pink and coral.

Marilyn Monroe's Bold Lip (photo from Tumblr)

4. Shape your brow. Brows frame the face, make you look younger and add expression. Most pin-ups of yesteryear had bold thick brows or well defined brows. Make sure to pluck, align and pencil in to get your perfect shape. We love this tutorial from the Beauty Department.

5. Pick the right undergarments. The silhouette of the pin-up girl was very important. She was shapely in all the right areas. Braziers, shape wear, hose and petticoats can help give you the perfect pin-up figure.

Charmed Foundations (photo from Elegant Musings)

6. Wardrobe Inspiration. Pull your wardrobe inspiration from the 1940’s to 60’s, this was the hay day of the pin up. We have a great collection of pieces to choose from. You can shop the collection HERE.

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