How To Pose Like A Pin-up

by - 8:59 AM

Get The Perfect Picture Every Time

Have you ever looked at a poster, image or magazine of a pin-up and wonder how she looks so amazing. It’s all in the pose. Here are our top five tips on how to pose for any picture, whether you are a pin-up to be or just taking the perfect selfie.

  1. Put your weight on one leg and while you pop your knee. This gives the illusion of curves, creating an hourglass figure. 
    Martha Vickers (photo from
  2. Look over your shoulder from time to time to create a twisting affect in the midsection, this shows that you have an actual midsection.  
    Betty Garble (photo from
  3. Always extend and push your upper body up, like you are taking a deep breath or a string is pulling you up. This will elongate your upper body, creating lean long lines.
  4. Shoot at an angle and from the side instead of directly head-on. 
    Betty Garble (photo from
  5. Cross your legs while standing for longer legs and nice lines (starlets today do this all the time) 
    Betty Garble (photo from

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