Tutorial Thursday: The Perfect Blow-Out

by - 6:01 PM

Every girl loves leaving the salon with a perfect blow-out, but the cost can quickly add up for those weekly glam sessions. We have a few fabulous friends that pay up to $40 a week for a perfect styling, but we don't have that in our budget! We're going to share a few secrets that we've picked up over the last year to achieve a salon-worthy blowout. Here's a step by step guide!

1--Shampoo & Condition your hair as normal and then apply a volumizing spray from root to tip for an extra boost when the heat is added.

2--Begin blow drying your hair upside down while you're rough drying to add extra volume to the roots. After your hair is 80% dry you can use a round brush to complete the drying process.

3--Section the bottom of your hair into a V-shape so your hair is separated into 3 sections, then twist the two sections that you aren't working on into buns. Begin blowing out section 1 by brushing the hair away from the face and wrapping it around the round brush.

4--After the first section is completely dry, wrap it around your fingers creating a pin curl and pin it up darling! Blow out the other two sections respectively. For the top section we recommend starting from the crown of the head and working your way forward. It also adds the most volume to pull hair straight up and blast with heat using the round brush.

5--After the top section is completed, twist that section back with your fingers and pin with a pin curl. This is your time to spray your lovely locks and move onto your makeup, giving your hair some time to set!

6--Undo your pin curls and give your hair one final spray, you are a glam queen!

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