Current Events: "Sound of Music" featuring Carrie Underwood

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If you're like us, you were raised watching classics like "The Sound of Music" featuring Julie Andrews, and you aware of the immense challenge that Carrie Underwood took on by agreeing to play Maria in the musical. Julie Andrews is the Queen bee of musicals and has been performing in them since she was a young girl in Britain. Not only does Julie Andrews have the acting experience on Miss Underwood, but she has more singing experience too! We definitely appreciated that NBC featured the musical live and can agree that it was a solid attempt, but it did not quite make the cut for us. Carrie Underwood has an amazing voice but it just isn't up to par with Julie, especially since she had such big shoes to fill by accepting the role. Either way, we were excited that NBC got the idea to freshen up an old classic and hope that this was the first of many more to come.

Julie Andrews 
Julie Andrews
NBC's "Sound of Music" featuring Carrie Underwood

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