Celebrity "Get This Look"- Rhianna

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We adore the holidays and it has become a highly anticipated event to debut our Pin-up Darling holiday dresses! This 'Rebel Skater Dress in Burgundy' is just one of many on our new arrivals page right now. You can almost always catch Rhianna styled in a dress that's a shade of her favorite color, red. The girl is brilliant (or her stylist is) for always picking the color that best suits her skin tone and features. She was seen wearing this orange-based run mini dress a few years back, but we love the way that she wore it. We feel that our version of the dress could be worn the same way, probably with black nylons of course since it's freezing in the midwest! The Pin-up Darling Dress is a much deeper shade of red, which is a perfect jewel tone for the holiday months. Rhianna's dress has a studded waistband, and our version has a studded collar which adds character to the already sassy skater! Overall, we loved Rhianna's look but enjoy our dress better because of the color and hourglass silhouette that it gives with the skater skirt. This is the first holiday dress post but there will be more to come!

Riri rocking a red studded mini dress 

Rebel Skater Dress in Burgrandy

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