Tutorial Thursday: The Perfect Liquid Liner Cat Eye!

by - 4:11 AM

What Pin-up girl doesn't strive for the perfect cat eye look? We've yet to meet a girl that doesn't look ah-mazing rocking the trend. Heres a brief little beauty history lesson--In the 1950’s liquid eyeliner was invented and the famous cat eye was born. An undeniable influence in beauty, Brigitte Bardot, made the dark eyes and light lips her signature look. During the 1960’s winged liner and coats of mascara was made popular by the model Twiggy. After these two decades the trend finally stuck and cat eye liner was worn from then on. After seeing decades of this cat eye look evolve we would love to see how you wear yours! Check out the steps below on how to achieve a perfect cat eye and post to our facebook or twitter to show us your look!

Step 1: Prepare Your Eyes
            -Clean the eye area, but do not apply any moisturizer that could cause the makeup to smear
            -Apply concealer or eye primer to the entire eye
Step 2: Make Your Eyes Look Bigger
            -Apply a light colored shadow to the entire lid of the eye and to the corners of the eye. 
             This helps to open up the eyes!
Step 3: Liquid Liner 
            -Watch the video below and determine which strategy is best for you depending on your type of     

Step 4: Apply Fake Eyelashes!
           -Remove the eyelashes from the packaging and hold them up to your natural lashes. Determine       
           how much you need to cut them to be the length of your natural lashes, and then cut!
            -Apply a small amount of glue to the lashline of your faux lashes and let them sit for about a 
            -While waiting apply a small amount of mascara to your real lashes (this causes the fake lashes 
            to better adhere to your eye as well, creating a more natural look).
            -Apply the fake lashes from inside-outside of the eye.

Voila! You're now a Pin-up Darling, throw on your favorite party dress and have fun!

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