Tutorial Thursday: Essential fall make-up

by - 7:35 AM

Most of us have already switched over our summer wardrobes to fall/winter, but I'm almost positive you didn't even think about switching any of your make-up! As the weather gets colder we bring out heavier clothes in richer tones and the same should go for your makeup. The three key areas to darken up are lips, brows, and eyes. We recommend accenting one of these areas while keep the others toned down for a more natural look. For lips we are intrigued by crimson reds and plum purples. For brows, we recommend just to darken up your natural color to add some shape & definition! This small change can make a huge impact by framing your face. And lastly, we love playing with jewel tone shadows for the eyes to keep our look fresh. Just remember that if you're wearing a bold smokey eye to keep those lips neutral! Here are a few of our favorite examples of the trends :)

How chic does she look with a plum lip?
Her brows completely enhance her square shaped face
When doing a smokey eye with colors other than black, you could wear this look for day or night!

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