Pintellectual: Your Lunchtime Links

by - 11:23 AM

A Pin-Up Darling is too busy to search the web for her need-to-know news. So never fear, we've done it for you, making sure you're up-to-date on what everyone's talking about this week.

Find your perfect shade in today's hottest hue. From The Cut:
Everybody looks great in plum-colored lipstick

And while you're at it, learn to master the rest of your fall look. From Today: Learn simple, stylish ways to layer your clothes this fall

Guess who Gwyneth's new BFF is!
From In Style: Goop's next fab collab? Michael Kors!

Speaking of healthy living...
Put down that pumpkin pie and pick up an apple!
From Yahoo: Eat these and you may live longer
You need to watch this, but warning, you'll probably ruin your mascara! From Salon:
Lea Michelle will break your heart with tearful "Glee" farewell to Cory Monteith

And for some more light-hearted celeb updates...
From Vanity Fair: Can Cressy keep up with Kate?


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