Pintellectual: Lunchtime Links

by - 5:30 AM

Here you go darlings: the news from the net you need to be the most interesting conversationalist at work this week.

The cats-on-your-clothes trend is officially a thing.
From The Cut:
Karl Lagerfeld designs a cat-inspired capsule collection

We're feeling suddenly less proud of our homemade Tinker Bell costume.
From USA Today:
One-legged man inspires with costumes

We don't think Lady Gaga's latest flying hat was considered when this article was written. Still, we see their point.
From The New York Times:
The demise of the fashion eccentric

They won't only make you want to travel; they'll also make you want to dress fancy for no reason.
From Conde Nast Traveler:
50 films that will make you want to travel

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