Pin-Up Playtime: Get your hair set!

by - 4:53 AM

How can you not love big bouncy curls… at least for those epic 20 minutes they typically last!? We all swoon and pin the hair we see in old photographs of Brigitte Bardot + Rita Hayworth, and even more modern manes via Victoria’s Secret and Gucci runways. They all share one voluminous secret– a good set. It’s something we rarely do anymore because we just can’t seem to find the time, but if you do it right, it can keep your style going strong for up to a week. Here’s our favorite way to incorporate an old-fashioned roller set into a 2012 way of life:
1. Prep your hair with your favorite setting product.

2. Curl your hair from the ends up. No fancy twisting, no wrapping it around the iron, just the way your momma taught you– rolling the hair up from the ends.
3.  Once you take the curling iron out, wrap the curled (still hot) hair around a jumbo sponge roller. You can find these at just about any drugstore. Curl the next piece and put a sponge roller in right away, and continue until you’ve finished your whole head. 
4. Take a break to do your makeup, get dressed, make some coffee, read or go to bed if you’re doing this at night time. This is pin-up playtime, after all! Do whatever you want! The longer you can leave them in, the better. 
5. Release all of the rollers gently.
6. Brushing is optional but that’s how I get that soft glamourous wave. If you don’t brush it, you’re going to get more “locks” of big curl which can be just as beautiful. But either way, your curl will definitely last longer.
Once you're done setting your hair, retro styling advice would recommend spraying until it's petrified. This is, after all, how our predecessors kept their look going strong day after day. However, today, we have a magic potion called dry shampoo, which we think works better. Put it in your freshly set hair to give you instant volume, and continue daily to give you some extra oomph. And yes, a little hair spray never hurt anybody (unless it was Aquanet and you got it in your eye). 

Spending 20 minutes to set your hair gets you ready for a whole weekend of bouncy, beautiful locks, so get to it, and go have a great hair weekend. With her hairdo out of the way, pin-up darlings go out to play!


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