New Arrival: The perfect winter dress

by - 8:14 AM

Happy Monday, Darlings! This week, we are so thrilled to announce that we are bringing to you something every fabulous fashionista searches for endlessly (Sometimes during work hours. Don't worry, we won't tell.) in order to get her through the colder months of the year. Ladies, we have found you....

The perfect dress. 

Class Act Dress in White

And look! It even comes in another color!
Class Act Dress in Hunter Green
A little Kate Middleton, a little Jackie O, and a little Ingrid Bergman, this dress goes from day to night, Monday to Sunday, October to February without losing its chic appeal. Stay warm by wearing it with tights and a long coat, or dress it up with a statement necklace and platform heels because this canvas dress can handle whatever look you're trying to achieve. And the best part of all? It's only $49.95. Buy it now and see how many ways you can wear it, then send us a photo to post on our blog and inspire other darlings! We can't wait to see how gorgeous you'll look in this dress!

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