Celebrity Pin-up Style: Taylor Swift

by - 8:21 AM

Good Morning Fashionista's! Now I know what you're thinking.. Taylor Swift as a style icon? But yes, this country cutie knocks it out of the park almost every time she steps out onto the red carpet. We obviously love her signature statement red lip which she's known for, and her style rocks too. She also is good at making the best choices for her skin tone/body type too! The girl knows that she looks good in gold so she has found about 10 ways to change up her look on the Red Carpet and still get away with wearing her favorite color (with sequins too)! One of our new arrivals reminds us of one of Taylor's glamorous gold frocks. The 1920's gold sequin dress is the perfect way to glam up your look on a budget, check it out! Here are 5 of our favorite Taylor Swift looks :)


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