Celebrity Pin-up Style "Get this Look"- Lana del Rey

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So our latest obsession style and music wise is Ms. Lana del Rey. Not only does she exude a sultry Pin-up style but the girls music rocks! We think of her style as Brigitte Bardot meets Amy Winehouse. Her style is very unique similar to her genre of music, it's undefinable. Her career has taken off in the last couple years and we could not be more excited for her. She was born & raised in NYC, and knew from the very beginning that she was destined to be a star. She now has a chart topping hit "Summertime Sadness" and we cannot wait to see where her career will go from here! 

A collage of our favorite looks by Ms. Lana del Rey
Lana's personal style is very eclectic. She has found an edgy way to blend together mainstream style with a Pin-up influence. In the top right corner of the collage she's wearing a mint green skater dress, Pin-up darling has a similar style dress that you can get for less than half of the cost!

Kendall Dress in Light Blue
Her latest look that we adore is the November 2013 cover of Nylon magazine. She is wearing a separates set that includes a crop top & striped knit skirt. She has given the look more of a 'punk' feel than pin-up but the vixen can do no wrong! Check out the cover below, as well as the Pin-up Darling look for less!

November 2013 Issue of Nylon
Claire Top & Skirt set

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