Beauty Tutorial: The Perfect Red Lip!

by - 7:25 AM

A red lip is one of the most classic yet elegant statements a woman can make...when it's done right. We figured that we would share this little tip since we have the holidays on our mind already! There are many factors to consider when trying to achieve a perfect red lip. The first being the color. The shade is solely based on your natural coloring, so just because it looks great on a friend doesn't mean that it's right for you!

Here is a little cheat sheet to better help you find your perfect shade!
The next step is to find the perfect brand for you! Do you want a lip stain or a lip stick? Matte or gloss? Sheer or full color? This could cost you some serious time in Sephora going in without a plan so we advise having something in mind before you start your search. My personal favorite it Tarte Lipsurgance Matte Lip Tint, and I have a medium skin tone. I wanted a shade that I could wear out to parties but also the grocery store. I like the color because it's matte so it doesn't stand out as much as a glossy lipstick, and it doesn't hurt that its peppermint infused to keep your breath fresh during cocktail hour! ;)
Tarte Lipsurgance Matte Lip Tint in Fiery
We took a couple pointers from Giorgio Armani's celeb make-up guru, Tim Quinn, and mixed in a few of our favorite tips. Now we're ready to begin! 

1- Quinn recommends lining the lips with a nude liner before applying color. We like this idea when the lips downplayed and aren't the focus of the look. When going for a pin-up style (make-up wise) we like the lips lined with a matching liner. This gives it a very classic look!

2- Quinn then recommends applying the lipstick with a brush so you have more control over the color, and we couldn't agree more! This works best when working with a true lipstick, and not a lip tint.

3-Lastly, he recommends to apply gloss to the plumpest part of the lip to give it a more kissable look. The end result is a flawless red lip that can be worn for day or night!

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