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Top 10 Women's Summer Fashion Trends of 2013

10. Chevron Prints

All arrows point to a print of the times, and of the past. Chevron prints are hot right now, as much so as they were in the 70's.

9. Crop Tops

Do you dare to bare a little torso? Fun and flirty crop tops have made a grand appearance this Summer season. Best part? Pair them with an adorable high waist skirt or denim cut-offs and you bare just the perfect amount of skin. Perfect for keeping your lower tummy tucked in! Our favorite look with crop tops: high-waist maxi skirts.

8. High Waist Shorts & Skirts

In case #7 didn't give it away...high waist shorts & skirts are hot this season! A new generation of sexy young women are fashion forward this summer with the latest trend. 

7. Skater Dresses

The classic, go-to dress is all that, and so adorable! Find a great skater dress that works for you, and instantly makes you feel feminine. Add some kicks for the true skater, hipster chick look, flats for professional, and heels for a night out. It's all about how you accessorize that gives the skater dress its personality.

6. High-Low Dresses

Feminine and flirty, the high-low dress has truly blossomed this Summer 2013 fashion season. Its low lengths give dresses the extra class and sophistication, while the high ends hint at a more youthful and playful side.

5. Maxi Dresses & Skirts

Relaxation and comfort to the max, without satisfying style? Rely on the steady maxi trend. Maxi dresses, a nod towards hippie fashions of the 60's and 70's is back by popular demand in full swing for another successful season this Summer 2013! And it's so easy to see why. Maxi dresses instantly dress up any girl. 

4. Cut-Out Clothing

It's everywhere! From celebrities to us ol' regular folk, cut-out clothing is popping up and making its way into dresses, shirts, pants and more. Helpful tip for cut-out fashions of all different kinds: Highlight your assets! If you've got a rockin' pair of abs, go for side cut-outs, or mid-sections missing. If you're still working on those sit-ups, opt for an up-do, and find a killer top with a sexy back cut-out. The key is to know your body.

3. Palazzo Pants a.k.a. Bell Bottoms

Relaxed and comfortable, yet fitted at the waist, Summer 2013 has birthed a new trend: the palazzo pants. Bearing extreme resemblance to the 1970's bell bottoms, 2013 is using the trend similarly, and often adding crop tops to the look. 

2. Neons

Vibrant and bold, neon colors began sneaking back into our wardrobe the past few years, but Summer of 2013 solidified the takeover of neon colors. As they say, fashion circles are approximately 20 years, so seeing this glimpse of early 90's inspired fashion is no big surprise. We love it! Neon colors can be perfect pops of color to spice up any wardrobe. Neon Green in particular has been a huge trend. 

1. Color of the Year, Emerald Green

Pantone has named Emerald Green the number one color of 2013. In addition, the color green in varying gorgeous shades keeps popping up everywhere. It's fresh, vibrant and organic. Green can be a perfect accent color, or a great solid color to rock!

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